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he is kind
can not be offended
He wakes up early on weekends, and my mother is preparing her breakfast
his signature scrambled eggs
He loves coffee, not tea
does not like when the smoke, even though he smokes
He loves attention, loves the relationship
He almost never get angry
on his face an eternal smile
He hates stupid people
at his home place Paranormal
He knows what he wants from the futurehe has a great smileit is ridiculous to eatdo not worry, he tries to mother, and often hide its failures

I have a lot of it I do not know?

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сижу и плачу.не понимаю что происходит у меня в голове.я не знаю что делать.я не знаю почему это происходит со мной.и зачем я постоянно думаю, о том что даже не должно было появляться.